BY: David Willms, host of the Your Mountain Podcast


There are more than 2.4 billion acres of land and water in the United States. We rely on this land for everything that makes the United States a prosperous nation. Mining supports our electricity, military, technology, renewable, and infrastructure needs. Agriculture feeds our growing population. Oil and gas fuels our trains, planes, and automobiles. Forests provide materials for homes and the paper products we demand.  Water is the lifeblood for it all. Yet, this land and water provides so much more. 

They support a national recreational economy that surpassed $800 billion in 2017. Whether you hunt, fish, backpack, ski, hike, photograph wildlife, mountain bike, or partake in myriad other outdoor activities, you contribute to this number every year. The activities are important to you, and no doubt you want to keep recreating – I know that’s what I want.

Land management is complicated. Managers must balance the basic needs of the nation (food, water, shelter, security), with other important needs like open spaces, vibrant wildlife populations, clean air and water, and places to recreate. Sometimes these needs mesh well together, other times they breed controversy.  That’s where YOUR MOUNTAIN can help.

Our mission is simple – educate and entertain. If there’s a big decision affecting your land, water and wildlife we want you to know about it. Each week, the YOUR MOUNTAIN podcast will bring thought leaders, experts, and entertainers to the show to tackle pressing issues in a thoughtful, pragmatic, and entertaining way.  Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. Subscribe to the podcast, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and find us at itsyourmountain.com. 

Welcome to Your Mountain.

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